"Ch Hoka-Hey's Ryder On The Storm, CGC"

Sire: BISS Ch. Nia Minda Catcher In The Rye, ROM
AM/CAN Ch. Hoka-Hey's Where Eagles Dare

This is 'Ryder', our big beautiful brindle boy.  He has been a pleasure to own and show,  with all points owner handled.  Not only does this boy have 'THE LOOK', but he can really MOVE too!  With a incredible front and rear, and a sidegate that will take your breath away, this boy can really cover some ground!  When we are at work Ryder spends his days with his best friend, a male Jack Russell, "Froggie". They are quite the sight to see together!  

Unfortunately in September 2001 at 5 years old, in the prime of his life, Ryder was diagnosed with Sebaceous Adenitis.  This has been the hardest and most  heartbreaking thing we have ever had to deal with.  SA is a terrible inheredited autoimmune disease.  Right now there is no DNA  testing available to see if a dog is a carrier or not.  Hopefully, soon there will be and we can stop this disease.  Of course, Ryder is now neutered.  He will continue to be the light in our eyes and our dream dog. Ryder was bred by  Hoka-Hey Akitas, Katie Asling.  Ryder is OFA Good and Cerf current.

"Misty Mountain's Wait'N For The Sun"

Sire: Ch Hoka-Hey's Ryder On The Storm, CGC
Ch. Crown Royal's Light At Hoka-Hey

This is 'CoBo'.  He is a Ryder son.   He has never met a person or dog he doesn't like.  We couldn't have dreamed for having a dog with a better temperament. Every day we look forward to watching  him do his "Wiggle Dance" as he greets us. 

CoBo has nine points but unfortunately will never be shown again.  What we thought was an exciting beginning became only another heart wrenching experience. He was neutered after his father was diagnosed with SA at age 5.  CoBo continues to be a healthy and happy guy and we pray that his good health continues.

CoBo was bred by: Hoka-Hey Akitas, Katie Asling.

"Darkside, CGC"


This is 'Mooney' our  beloved pet.  He was originally bought as a show dog and even acquired a couple of  points.  He has since been neutered and now just hangs out.  We couldn't ask for a nicer devoted friend!

Forever in my heart and forever by my side, you will always be my   "SUNSHINE"!





"Le' Frogg'em Dogg'em"


This little maniac is 'Froggie', Ryder's best friend.  Everyone said that Akitas would hurt a small dog but now we know the truth.  They were really worried about the Akita getting hurt!  We couldn't have found a better way of exercising the dogs than letting them chase 'The Frog'!



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